Quantum Company

We can execute even the most unpredictable ideas!

Quantum Company

We can execute even the most unpredictable ideas!

Chinese Brands Go Overseas

AOSD is the most valuable partner for Chinese brands growing globally, 
and the one-stop consumer electronics purchasing platform 
that help clients to quickly grow their business

E-YOOSO Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

E-YOOSO is experienced in computer peripheral products, 
especially mechanical keyboard and mouse. They make 
competitive products, and publish new model very quickly.

AULA Professional E-Sport Peripherals

Designed with cutting edge technology and modern aesthetics, 
makes highly enjoyable and functional gaming gear.

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

Focused on E-sports game equipment, with excellent design ability,
ONIKUMA kept providing extraordinary game experience for players around the world

Yuemi Cable Adapters

Respect the idea of "designing a good life", 
and hope that every product we launch will bring a more pleasant life.

Quantum Company

We can execute even the most unpredictable ideas!

Quantum Company

We can execute even the most unpredictable ideas!

3C Brands Go Overseas Service Platform

We offer brand solution and one-stop sourcing service of cusumer elecronics for online and offline, small and large retailers all over the world.

Positioned as "Partner for Chinese Brands Going Overseas", we are agent of 100+ top brand and cooperated with 1000+ prime factories, AOSD becomes the most valuable partner for them to go to the world. 

- We are agent of many top brands and factories from China.

- Professional brand solution provider, gives channel protection and SRP.

- Assist partner in marketing, such as offer marketing strategy etc.

One-stop sourcing platform, easily access prime goods source.


Make global trading easier, and help good brands and products available for more costumers.


Become the most valuable partner for Chinese brands going overseas and reaching more clients all over the world.


Clients Focus.
Executional Excellence.
Honesty and Enthusiasm.

Why Choose Us

Through AOSD, you can access goods source from top Chinese brands and manufacturer. Purchase at one place, and no trouble anymore.

AOSD represents brands to expand their market. We  communicate directly with brands on your behalf, help looking for more opportunity, including customize and OEM.

Agent of 100+ top brands and integrated 1000+ prime factories. We have top brands supply chain resources like Xiaomi and Huawei to provide you prime goods source.

Support team stand by 24 hours to help you, including docking with factories, product technical support, and acquisition of market information.

Brand Partners


Mechanical keyboard maker that produces competitive product, and pubulishes new model very quickly.



Well-known and tech-advanced computer peripheral brand, and products covered mouse, keyboard, headset, speaker, etc.



ONIKUMA gartheres a group of people that loves gaming and makes extrodinary gaming headsets and other equipment.



Oriented on R&D and design, Yuemi published USB hub, cable adapter, etc, and hopes bring customer better life.



AOSD Chinese Brands Going Overseas Platform Helps REMAX Goes Further

REMAX is the sub-brand of Hong Kong Refine Industrial (Asia) Limited. Its global marketing center, Shenzhen REMAX Co., LTD., is established in 2010 and headquartered in Shenzhen. FASHION / CROSSOVER / TRUST / TEAMPositioned in the brand concept of youth, passion, fashion and happiness, REMAX combine the practicality and creativity of products with the perfect color and shape, aiming to provide each consumer with high-quality, trendy and cool digital products for life.  STRATEGY / VISION / BRANDAt the same time, REMAX keeps independent innovation all the time and aims the products to the diversified development.REMAX always pursue the real quality and practicality with the technology synchronization.  Until now, REMAX has designed and developed more than 700 categories and 3800 kinds of products.REMAX win the trust and recognition from the consumers around the world with rich product lines and solid product quality.REMAX has established a comprehensive coverage of domestic & overseas areas of 85+ online sales platforms. Offline channels also spread everywhere more than 6,300 terminal experience shops over 120 major countries and region.     After covid-19, under the trends of Chinese brands going overseas, REMAX keeps seeking opportunity to push their products and brand all over the world.  AOSD is the leading plaftform of Chinese brand solution provider, and REMAX choose AOSD as the partner to expand their overseas market. AOSD had been digging its supply chain and sales chanel to help brands contact with customer easily for 14 years. REMAX believes ASOD will be the best partner for them to devolop overseas market.  With AOSD's rich overseas sales channel resources, REMAX is constantly expanding its dominant position and brand awareness in its own field.


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