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Get the best products from China, and grow your business quickly!

Our advantage

By Cooperating with AOSD, you will save a lot of trouble on purchasing and supply, and quickly grow your business.

Powerful Supply Chain

We have source and goods from Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Hornor and their eco chain and sub brand. And we are agent of top electronics brands and manufacturers, such as Realme, Remax, Hoco, YUEMI, ONIKUMA, E-Yooso, CREALITY (3D printer), etc., Besides, we integrated hunreds of excellent manufacturers and factories, from which you'll find various products and choices.

Find Goods Source Fast

Located in Shenzhen, professional management system, rapid response to a number of price comparison than quality, to give customers the best price as well as quality.

Efficient and Accurate Service

Combining with the sales analysis obtained at the first time overseas, we can make corresponding improvements, and gain the trust of customers with high professionalism.

Strong Bargaining power

Professional business negotiation ability, more than ten years of deep-rooted industry experience, analysis of BOM table, and obtain the most advantageous price

Services We Provide

Market Info & Research

We do product and market analysis, and offer professional sale suggestion for you.

Efficient & Fast Cooperate

Quick respond and find solution, client's needs are what we strive to accomplish.

Talk to Brand / Factory

Located in Shenzhen, we built direct relations with brands and factories. Let's talk to them on your behalf.

Lower MOQ limits

Negotiate with factories to arrange smaller batch production to meet your MOQ, lowering the procurement threshold.

Product Certification

Product certification service globally, help you start business quick, easy and unobstructed.

Logistics and Shipping

We have 100+ cooperated logistic service provider, help shipping goods to over 170+ countries and regions.

Quality Control

For every patch of goods, we will have inspector to check and issue formal quantity report. And we welcome clients appoint their own people to inspect.

After Sales Service

Our jod is not down even after the goods was received and sold, we still stand by to solve any problem you met.

Work with Us


Inquiry about the Brand and Product

Send us message and ask about the brand and product details, price and other information. We will quick respond and give you the information.



Determine the product name, model, delivery date, payment method, packaging specifications and cabinet type, etc., we will give a formal quotation.


Negociate with the Brand and Factory

AOSD can represent you to negociate with brands and factories to realize your deeper demands, such as customization, your own brand labeling and OEM needs. And if any product certification was needed, we can solve it for you.


Place Sample Order

You can request to place a sample order, check the sample before delivery, and make sure everything is you needed.


Officially Place An Order

After you receives the sample, which is inspected and qualified, you can negotiate again to make a formal Purchase Order. You should pay a deposit of 30%-50% for the production. And when the product is finished and ready for shipping, we will contact you for the final payment.


Brand Authorization

As the brand's 1st agent, we officially grant you the right to sell the brand locally, sign a formal contract, and safeguard your rights as the brand distributor.


Quality Inspection

When the production is finished, our quality inspectors will check the goods and issue an official qualified report. Also you can appoint your own people to inspect the goods.



Shipping by Express, air, railway and sea, we have 100+ logistic service provider to fulfill your requirements.


After Sale Service

After the goods was received and sold, we still stand by to solve any problem you met.

Our Clients Say

"When working with AOSD, I just started my business. They gave me a lot of useful advice, what I appreciate most is the company's patience with clients, I remember once, because of problems with the bill of lading, a high value shipment detained in customs. This for my newly established company really was unafford, at that time I was very anxious.

They are very tolerant of my bad temper, never accused me, and then constantly contact the freight forwarder. Finally they helped me to pick up the goods from customs. AOSD always says deal with the problem first, rather than quarrelling about who is right or wrong.

Now we have been working together for 2 years and my company is doing well, thanks to having AOSD as a supplier here."

Wilhelm Koch

A German Retail Store Owner

"I met AOSD at a trade fair at Hong Kong in 2013. Although they patiently coordinated with our request, we had no further cooperation from 2013 to 2015.

Until 2016, there was some problem with our supplier, and we were told that the goods for Christmas could not be delivered, that would cause one hundred thousand dollars lose. So we tried to talk with AOSD, and finally started our first cooperation. Although we tried large orders for the first time, we had no choice.

What surprised us is that AOSD is not only more competitive in price, but also very skilled in quality control. The order was added temporarily, but they contacted factory and arranged production very soon. Here I am very grateful to AOSD."

Amanda Peterson

Purchasing Manager of a supermarket from US