Experienced explosive growth after two or three years

Published Date:2014-11-05
Experienced explosive growth after two or three years, the entire tablet market experienced an unprecedented cold for this year , sharp decline in the growth rate, whether on or in domestic-based export-oriented domestic flat-panel manufacturers, shipments have emerged plummeted. Despite the overall decline in market demand is one reason, but the flat, low quality of product homogeneity is also a major factor. Therefore, many manufacturers also want to practice the difference, but the problem is how to differentiate? And in order to differentiate the difference, or tap the demand for differentiated market segments?

From the analysis of the major research institutions of view, we believe that the future is bound to the tablet game, catering, finance and other industries category segmentation of market development. "While standing on the air, pigs can fly, but then the wind stopped, whether pigs can continue to fly it?" So the domestic flat-panel manufacturers should strengthen secondary development, to meet user demands for personalized products, the value of the product and not price-oriented. 

Huge potential market for gaming tablet 

In fact, a long time ago, there are many vendors pushing some market segments in differentiated products. For example, the game tablet, last couple of years there are many domestic manufacturers to push, but did not have much success. On the one hand, mainly as the master plan before the flat can not be met on the CPU and GPU performance needs of large game, such as game load time is too long, the operation delay Caton, does not support high-definition experience is poor; on the other hand, it is because of a lack of respect for Android tablet optimized big game applications. These have limited the development of the domestic game flat. 

But there have no doubt, the game the tablet market has been growing rapidly, and the enormous market potential in the future. According to market research firm Newzoo in a report released late last year, from 2012 to 2016, between the global games market is expected CAGR of 6.7% for 2016 reached $ 86.1 billion. Which is a smart phone and tablet computer games business is strong growth, while console games market share of the business is declining. 

Reported that the 2016 smart phone game total income will reach $ 13.9 billion, the Tablet PC game total income will reach $ 10 billion. Smart phones and tablet PCs will play in the global game market share will reach 27.8%. 

From the above data, we can see the huge potential game hidden in the tablet market, and perhaps this is an important direction for the development of the Tablet PC. And the game can bring higher value-added flat for the manufacturers. 

Game tablet’s spring is coming? 

Faced with huge potential gaming market, as early as last year, Nvidia introduced the Shield game handheld game market to test the water. In late July of this year, NVIDIA has officially released the Shield Tablet gaming tablet. The new machine has 8 inches FHD resolution display, and is equipped with powerful Tegra K1 processor, also with a dedicated wireless joystick. Meanwhile Nvidia also preparing tablet to create a series of exclusive games. 

And recently, the domestic iQiyi also joint Haier NVIDIA officially launched the iPlay gaming tablet, and announced the establishment of gaming league. iPlay 7-inch 1920 × 1200 Retina screen, powered by Tegra K1 processor. Haieraiqi Arts iPLAY game makers also integrated resource covering more than 98% over the Android platform for mainstream big game, but also covering iQiyi have video content that users are free to use. 
From the current point of view this action a few large firms, we find that they are flat market for the game seriously, and have begun to actively layout. Perhaps this will set off a wave of wave of development of the domestic game flat. 

As for the game flat, the game performance is important, but power consumption is also very important, since it is playing a game, it may be time for high-load tasks. If the power is large, it will inevitably cause the machine fever, life is short and other issues. This will greatly affect the gaming experience. In addition, in terms of price, it is understood RK3288 priced than big-LITTLE A80 eight-core architecture is much lower. 

So the whole, the tablet market in the domestic game RK3288 program seem more potential, cost is also higher. Of course, whether the market will be how to choose, remains to be seen. In addition, the game market is only one aspect of the tablet industry applications only, there are many segments of the market worth to dig, we are focused on a point up on price, must be worth the candle.