Constitute of tablet pc

Published Date:2014-11-05
One : Which parts constitute of tablet pc?
Mainboard, LCD screen, touch screen, battery, camera, housing.
Two: Mainboard
Mainboard refers to the integrated circuit boards supplied by the solution company,which will be accomplished by SMT chip to make all the function together in tablet pc, all functions of tablet PCs are decided by mainboard.
Three: Description of LCD
 Liquid crystal displays, also known as LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), a thin flat display device, which consists of a number of color or monochrome pixels, placed in front of the light source or reflector side. Including : Dragon, BOE, Han Choi, Innolux, CPT, LG, Samsung, etc.
Four: Main description of TP
Touch screen (touch screen), also known as "touch screen", "touch panel", which is a liquid crystal display may receive an input signal .
It mainly be used in the query, the leadership office, industrial control, military command, video games, multimedia, real estate sale and other public information.
Five: Description of Battery
Tablet PC battery is generally used in lithium polymer battery, divided into 1800,2000,2500,3000A, 4000A, 6000A.
Six: Description of Camera
Camera (CAMERA), also known as computer camera, computer eyes, eyes and other electronics, camera is classified by Pixel which are: 0.3,2.0,5.0,8.0 and higher.
Seven: Description of housing
Housing is the appearance of a product, the current material is mainly two kinds of plastic and metal housing.
Eight: Description of Bluetooth
Bluetooth is a short-distance radio communication equipment support. Bluetooth version currently on the market is up to 4.0, which support in domestic tablet currently is generally 3.0.
Nine: Description of 2G/3G
2G is a second-generation mobile communications technology specifications in China, which is referred to GSM.
3G is the third generation mobile communication technology, refers to support high-speed data transmission of cellular mobile communications technology. At present, the domestic tablet supports both 3G are: WCDMA.