Want to go get going!Practical portable bluetooth speaker is recommended

Published Date:2016-09-07
Insipid life, always up some unexpected ideas yourself.Sometimes, in a sunny afternoon, suddenly want to sit the balcony hanging chair, spend leisure afternoon tea time;Sometimes, in a wind in the evening, all of a sudden whim, want to go downstairs leisurely walking;Sometimes, during the holidays, can't help about a couple of friends, began the outdoor cycling.

These sudden idea, it is not uncommon.These scenes of life, make them recreation has become a lot of friends to buy both digital devices.But long time wearing a headset ear plugs must be harmful to the auditory unprofitable, so a portable bluetooth speakers more and more get the welcome of people, and also widely, and the popularity of smartphones and themselves, believe a lot of friends have plan to buy.Today let's see what kind of portable bluetooth speakers are worth noting, want to go get going!

3 d bluetooth mirror LED lighting iridescence speakers
1. The world's first cross-border innovative design, the world's first 3 d LED lighting super audio, subversion audio industry revolution work;
2. The music play, good 3 d vision lighting effects with music rhythm, can regulate and relieve the mood;
3. Adopt unique sound cavity acoustic structure design, good tightness, beautiful sound quality;
4. Configuration of super bass radiator, heavy bass sound sense is stronger;
5. Products with completely independent intellectual property rights, protection products, more to protect the interests of the guests;
6. Pass rate, high strength in all frequency loudspeakers, 2 Ω 8 w, mega bass sound feeling stronger.Key components are common JBL, Bose designated suppliers, such as using a 1.6 -inch, 19 core mission
7. Configuration professional DSP audio processing chip, support regulation EQ;
8. Bluetooth 4.0, support for hands-free calls;
9. The function, the use of double festival lithium electricity power supply (7.4 V), double voltage, double energy;
In grade 10. The HIFI digital power amplifier, high-frequency connect fully, bass full and elastic;
Section 11. The unique double lithium electricity power supply, music regular playing time 10-15 h, unlimited music longer.
12. The unique structure design, product surface spray, life waterproof, outdoor activities more along with the gender.
13. The international professional industrial design team, quality, brands are visible.
14. Product research and development design life scenes application to consumers as the center, is very suitable for: "the outdoors, camping, travel, cycling, party, dancing, bar" and a good life experience.