It is time to give yourself a bluetooth speakers

Published Date:2016-08-10
It is time to into a bluetooth speakers:
1, mobile phones and tablets quality of ascension
We face every day of screen time longer and longer, but whether it's mobile phone, pad or computer, outgoing quality is poor, especially when using a mobile phone, also very demanding, while bluetooth speakers can well solve the two problems.
For the friend that likes the outdoors, music company will make sports become more relaxed.And a professional outdoor portable speaker can satisfy user's demand such as riding, hiking, camping, resting can also share music with my friends.
2, the biggest benefit, it is to get rid of the bondage
Bluetooth transmission distance is in commonly 10 meters, is the size of a room, and can partition data transmission, in both indoor and outdoor environment, you can easily get rid of the bondage of attachment, put is very casual, not restricted by space.
3, technology is mature
Bluetooth technology is a global open, on a global scale has good compatibility, can through the low cost of the world's intangible bluetooth networks into an organic whole.Its operation is simple, easy to connect.
At the same time, compared with other approaches such as infrared, bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed, maximum speed reached 24 megabits per second, bluetooth 4.0 theory faster speed can guarantee a higher quality, make it have enough ability to load rate higher music.
Pick a bluetooth speaker you have to consider these
1, the bluetooth version: select the bluetooth version higher than 4.0
Is the biggest selling point of the bluetooth speaker bluetooth wireless broadcast music, bluetooth version is related to the quality of the bluetooth speaker, bluetooth version is higher, the bluetooth speakers are more province electricity, the more effective distance is far, the stronger the bluetooth compatibility.
We also want to remind everyone here, when choosing the bluetooth speaker bluetooth version, it is important to note that it is lower than the 4.0 version of the need not consider, because low version may not be able to ensure a good life and signal transmission.
2, range: 5-8 hours advisable
Speakers of battery life and mobile phones, is, of course, as long as possible.Of course everything has peak, it is suggested that under the normal use, the ideal of bluetooth battery life at 5-8 hours advisable.Often speakers working time and the power of battery capacity and product has a certain relationship, battery capacity = use time x devices present power battery voltage.In brief in the case of other values must be, battery capacity and the use time is.Double-cell bluetooth speakers, for example, their power is concentrated in the w 4 to 6 w, if you want to achieve ideal playing time, more than 2000 mah battery capacity to achieve best.
3, sound quality, the most intuitive approach is personally
Objective said, small speakers sound quality physical restrictions can't compete with big speakers.But for the vast majority are not golden ears of users, small speakers collocation tablet and mobile phone use enough to meet the needs of the hearing.In this case, how to judge the sound quality?The most intuitive approach is listen to himself.
Listen when you need to pay attention to several points, the volume of the first speaker loudness is big enough;Second, when the largest volume treble if there is a hissing sound phenomenon;Listening to pop music and watching movies the most commonly used to is in the high frequency part of the speaker, pay attention to whether or not the resolution of sound is high enough (clear, fine), sound dye is excessive;The low frequency, do not be too demanding, for all frequency loudspeakers, low-frequency too much can cause human voice trembling, achieve their basic expectations of you.
4, portability and versatility
A speaker can best meet the portability, and using many different environment such as mountain climbing, the beach camping, cycling, walking, household use, etc. Are available that is perfect.
If it is outdoor, waterproof and this is very important.Playing outdoors will inevitably next rain, fall off and touch, must be to some waterproof.
Share a bluetooth speakers have stereo sound
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