Functional performance Tablet PC

Published Date:2014-11-05
Products, no matter what product you use , has its own function. Of course, function have many aspects , and today we take a look at the performance of the Tablet PC functionality . I believe we have been recognized for the Tablet PC , recently on the market the hottest electronic products. So, in addition to good mobility tablet than laptop , other features in what areas ? For example : Tablet PC use word document notepad and other office software, office , and you can install a variety of software .For features of laptop , the
tablet will not be a few less.

Android Tablet PC can support the installation of office software , office word documents and excel spreadsheet have no problem, but comes with wifi Internet access, but like .exe executable programs are only windows system files ,can not currently Andrews recognition . Of course, if you want to own a tablet used like a computer , win7, win8 tablet will be for you to achieve , but the price is more expensive, individuals feel no need for that , USD160  or so security desk tablet had enough !

If a friend has much money , it is recommended to buy a good brand , but about USD160 domestic Android tablet also is no so bad . The main function of a tablet 's performance in the following areas:

1, electronic reading: had been seen a real tablet, will understand use the tablet to read an eBook is a very enjoyable thing .

2, album features : This is probably the most significant features of it, if I have , then I will use it to browse pictures by WiFi,etc .

3 ,By Twitter and Facebook to send email: This function should be more commercial affairs  , not only can send mail at any times, but also better access to Facebook 's experience level .

4, Skype : Phone tablet can calling direct , as long as they support for 3G. But some need to download and install the Skype software ,by  a wired headset , a Bluetooth headset or talk directly with the on board microphone , you can call anytime .

5 , cinema : surely we all know ,first, has a tablet thought is to see a movie , you can download a good one  , or you can find online movies (via Wi-Fi transmissions Netflix online movie ) .

6, music : In addition to movies ,it is music, when playing , the Tablet PC will show music videos, abstract pictures or show the selected slide .

7, play games:  Like with the desktop , tablet PC equipped with an accelerometers, so that  can to establish a better gaming platform.

8 , Browse the web: Tablet PC will replace laptops, become our favorite partner in spare time .While watching the movie while the Internet believe that you only feel envy , intoxicated eyes.

9 , graphics and download application software : capacitive screen, what you want to paint you painted , you can play everything by download , as long as it is compatible.