Top 10 reasons AOSD cooperation with us

Published Date:2016-06-13
1, team strength: there's a very mature research and development team, in the field of speakers we have 18 years of experience in product research and development;With 70% of the world's international brands (such as JBL, jabra surveyed 1, longines, BOSE, logitech, philips and other well-known brands) have in-depth cooperation, still with these brand in providing bluetooth audio series product solutions.

2, strong forward-looking: in the field of audio industry in the eighteenth year of precipitation, very clear industry with the direction of the trend.Since 2014, we have independent research and development of the first generation of LED lights pulse combined with audio Colorful (dream) speaker;In a year and a half time try to push and steady order of the market.Customs data delivery quantity throughout the year in 2015 to 500000.With the basis of the first generation, we spent eight months time, the second generation "and the third generation of the magic mirror
Model was developed, its superb quality and unique selling point will lead to the future of audio field, become the industry's new overlord.
3, ability to innovate, the pursuit of item breakthrough, each model is the only: every product is full of our soul and crystallization, has its global shape and function of patent, we pursue "no scream, no explosion product", only do goods.
Colorful speaker: 2015 CES in search of detonation products first!The world's first LED lights pulse concept with the combination of high quality speaker landmark creative new products.
HIPHOP: JBL original 1.6 -inch, high-power high-strength whole frequency loudspeakers, 19 core 2 Ω 8 w, Taiwan's famous design company appearance ID design, combination tone by professor haman the acoustic cavity acoustic structure design, scientific tuning, fine to each lighting audio link and customer experience;In outdoor sports, indoor party and street to foster the idea of combining to create a near-perfect products.
Magic Mirror speaker: the world's first cross-border innovative design, the world's first 3 d LED lighting super audio, subversion audio industry revolution work;Music playback, good 3 d vision lighting effects with music rhythm, can regulate and relieve the mood;Adopt unique sound cavity acoustic structure design, good tightness, beautiful sound quality;JBL original 1.6 -inch, high-power high-strength whole frequency loudspeakers, 19 core 2 Ω 8 w, configuration professional DSP audio processing chip, support regulation EQ;Special structural design, product surface spray, life waterproof, outdoor activities more along with the gender.International industrial design team, professional quality, brands are visible.Product research and development design life scenes application to consumers as the center, is very suitable for: "the outdoors, camping, travel, cycling, party, dancing, bar" and a good life experience.
4, the concentration and strong extension: I company is committed to research and development, makes consumers screaming the wisdom of the detonation products enterprises.2016 the first year of this product, we take the LED magic lantern light and longitudinal extends the idea of combining audio, there are colorful, hiphop, and magic mirror has three online, there is still 4 blast hit the market in succession, this will be our leading music trend, save the weakness in the field of audio speakers axe.
5, margins: in order to standardize our company LED lights music pulsing iridescence speaker products market operation and management, to promote peace in terms of product sales and marketing, to better protect and secure all partners, the interests of customers, to achieve the steady development of the people, and long-term friendly cooperation, the company decided to, all overseas cross-border sales by electric business platform "hip-hop and mirror speaker and after the company launched by the speaker" (note: with the appearance, function of patent as the core, without being limited by the brand) products unit price will be subject to a limit set by the terminal sales.
According to the scientific pricing, our products are single gross margin has high profits.So there are selling point and cost-effective products, three monthly sales in more than 3 k, a year's gross margin is also considerable.
6, channel control: 1) all of our products in offline mode for promotion after online first, later than electricity to the offline channel promotion meeting be replicated in six months.To ensure that the interests of the sellers and the market popularity of online cooperation and share.
2) for cooperation platform sellers in cross-border electricity third-party platform, we devote to plain single site and general site will only recruit three sellers, at the site traffic big (the United States, the United Kingdom) to five;To customer for record and brand for the record at the same time, in order to disrupt the market and vicious competition forcefully to the seller's control and constraints.
7, good service:
Products: each new product, we will try to push stages, collecting the opinions of the parties to optimize product.Quarterly at the same time, into the season and return, we will actively preparing the conventional preparation (in the case of ensure quality) to shorten product delivery time, meet the needs of electricity.
Staff: 24 hours a day, 7 days of demand at any time, the response at any time.In order to protect customer interests as the premise, effective problem solving and communication in place in time, service in place.We will actively absorb the seller of the advice of the positive energy of cooperation, on the premise of fixed principles and fundamental, to cooperate with the seller to do activities, do market, led traffic, etc.
8, your attitude, decided to my strength: we don't need you to be rich and powerful sellers, what we need is your attitude, fundamentally agree with our ideas and products of the company, like to develop and grow with us.We will become your best partner, and stick to your attitude, to achieve our common vision and goal!