How to extend tablet battery using life?

Published Date:2015-03-11

How to extend tablet battery using life?

Most of using tablet customers will face same problem that power is out. Tablet is be our standard, once power is out, almost no difference between tablet and bricks. But we can still follow some simple rules to extend battery life.


1. Adjustment of screen brightness

In general, we will reduce the brightness of tablet screen, and the same time we also shorten time for background lights. Even though sometimes doing that will make you feel not very well, and benefit is obvious.

2.Off wireless Function

When we don't need wireless, please wifi, bluetooth, GPS, 3G, and 4G. Particular attention to turn off WIFI and 4G networks reminder, setting the tablet menu -> Wireless and Network Settings -> Wi-Fi settings, uncheck Network notification function. In turn, when we have to turn off wireless data roaming and account synchronization, so that will save not only save power flow

3.Management of software

Ture off no using software, just like video, website, skype, game etc.. This part is very important, most people ignore that, but it can extend battery using time.