Tablet PC FAQ(frequently asked question)

Published Date:2014-11-05
1 , Tablet PC can not boot for several reasons ?
a check the battery power ;
b check again after connecting the power adapter ;
c reset after pressing the reset button , press the power button in the boot ;
d. If the charge can not boot, please contact our sellers .

2, can not be shut down ( crash card screen does not move ) ? Press the reset button.

3, After the splash screen has been flashing or just after opening screen appears on off?Power is low, please charge .

4 , the headset can not hear the sound ?
a. Check the volume is set to 0
b. Check the music file whether damaged. Try playing other music to determine. If the file has been damaged may lead to very serious noise or skips

5 , you can not copy a file or can not play music files ?
a. Confirm the correct connection between the computer and the player
b. Make sure the storage space of the memory is full
c. Verify that the USB cable whether damaged
d.USB is disconnected Contact

6 , system error how to operate ?
a. After reset the boot
b. Settings restore Factory 

7. Click on the touch screen position shifted or failure ?
 Click on the touch screen position is not accurate, please use the settings screen calibration function calibration screen ;Firmware upgrade after the machine reboots, follow the prompts to calibrate the touch screen ( calibration screen position must be precise ) .

8. Why can not connect Wi-Fi network?
a. No signal ? - Go to Settings - Wireless and network - wireless network ( the hook marked ) - Wireless Management - this time you can see the wireless signal more searchable .
b.Can not search for less than their own network signal? AP set to enter the route will be changed to another frequency band (radio frequency band of 1 to 13, the default is 6). 
c. Check the Wi-Fi controls whether you can open, if not open, then returned for repair; if you can open Wi-Fi controls, please download the latest firmware upgrade later.

9 , how to modify the language?
First, click on the desktop "settings / Settings", select "LANGUAGE & KEYBOARD / Language and Keyboard" , enter select "select locale / select area" , there are many national language , the bottom is the penultimate " Simplified Chinese ."

10 , how to set the input method input method?
After installing the input method to enter the desktop "Settings" - "Language and Keyboard" will just installed input method on the hook , then click OK to exit and enter " Browser" , a single point ( one click ) input box , and so on keyboard after the pop , and then a long point ( long press on the touch screen) input boxes , and other pop-up " edit Text " and enter " browser" , a single point ( one click ) Input

11 , how to install the software correctly
Need to be careful when installing the application software , Bahrain a test one, because there will be some applications are not compatible cause system errors , system errors when found , please do not hesitate to delete the application ! So not to affect the overall operation of the system .

12, when installed input method , and how to enable it?
First, go to Settings - > Language will enable you to install the input method ! Then to where you want to enter , press the input box will pop-up menu , choose the input method.

13 , how to run a program in the Android system when cut to the desktop?
Click the "Back" button.

14 , when playing tablet touch insensitive how to do?
 "Settings" menu , which has a "touch screen calibration " option, turn into the future cross-shaped symbol appears in the top left , top right, bottom left, bottom right corner and a central location , using a mobile phone touch stylus to calibrate the touch screen on it .

15 , when the tablet is running several programs suddenly crash ?
RK2808 memory around 40-50MB, TCC8902 memory around 70-80MB. Some software will automatically cleared when you exit the memory , and some software after exiting still occupy memory , after opening several software , especially when running at the same time , will increase the burden of tablet PC, too much memory cause crashes . Recommended before running the new software , click on the desktop plug-in "Task Killer" or "ES Task Manager" clear the memory .

16 , about how to solve a good office software ?
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