How to prolong the service life of the battery plate computer?

Published Date:2014-11-11
Now more and more extensive application of flat computer, users for flat computer battery more and attention, are thinking about how to extend the tablet computer battery life. For lithium batteries, "activate" problem, many say is: charging time must be more than 12 hours, repeated three times, in order to activate the battery. In fact, this statement is obvious from the nickel battery (such as nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride) continued. This statement is the beginning of a misleading! The difference of filling, discharge of the lithium batteries and nickel battery is very large, according to the access to all the serious official stressed that all technical information overcharge, discharge of lithium battery, in particular liquid lithium ion battery causing great harm. Finally, according to the standard of charging time and method of charging standards, in particular for not more than 12 hours of super long charging. Usually, the charging method introduces the specification of the tablet computer, is suitable for the tablet computer standard charging method. In addition, the lithium battery will automatically stop charging in full, there is no electricity nickel charger for 10 hours the so-called "trickle" charging. Placing a long time unused, or frequent charging after a period of use, method is a complete charge and discharge, battery can charge and play. Only after long time use only need to fully charge and discharge, to re correction. Now most of the tablet computer battery with lithium ion battery, ViewSonic N flat is no exception. We only need a little attention can maximize battery life. According to official data show: ViewSonic flat point is the most important use of the process is to use you in a suitable temperature range. When the quad flat you first use the newly bought, remember to full power, and then run the software update to ensure that your computer with the latest software. Each company will regularly release a software update to improve the efficiency of the battery. Standard maintenance for lithium batteries have a very important point, is to let the electronic time battery to maintain flow state. Battery power suggest you don't always use the same company. The use of the ideal method is using the battery, yuan you go out, go back to the office after using the power to charge the battery. The flow state so that you can keep the battery liquid. On the other hand, if you are using a desktop computer in the company, but only occasionally in use when going out, suggest you at least once a month for the battery charge and discharge time. The best settings you can choose flat use, in order to maximize battery usage time. Energy: set application interface provides multiple options for you to control panel of the electricity consumption. As long as a boot, the computer will to set the mode of operation. In the power control setting condition, the computer will automatically screen brightness dimming, and restraint in the use of other functions. If you set the change for maximum performance, power will be faster depletion. Brightness: the screen transferred to the low-grade comfortable brightness, can let the battery usage time maximization. For example, when you are in the indoor use, if the surrounding all the lights off, do not need the strongest brightness of the screen. Wireless networks: even if you're not using Wi-Fi network function, it also uses electricity. Therefore, in order to save power, when you do not use wireless network, can close it in the settings application interface. Bluetooth wireless connection: similarly, Bluetooth will consume electricity, in the case of non use is so, you can close it in do not need to use this function, so as to prolong the battery usage time. The application and the external equipment: application please disconnect not to use the external equipment and exit the unused. After appropriate maintenance battery, on the completion of the 300 charge and discharge cycles, can still retain the original battery capacity 80%. The vast majority of tablet computers like a phone like the battery can be replaced, therefore, to pay special attention on your tablet battery maintenance, to extend its service life.