How to buy flat-panel computer protective sleeve,

Published Date:2014-11-11
1, flat computer protection cover classification
Mobile phone shell, flat shell texture is classified with the leather, cloth, silicone, hard plastic, soft plastic, velvet, silk and other goods don't. These shell not only as decoration to make your mobile phone into a scenery, more for the preservation of your mobile phone and tablet, shatter resistant, waterproof and shockproof! But I'll come by surrounding the investigation to see, we bought these, just to prevent wear beautiful and mobile phone function, also is not attach too much yo.
2, a leather cover relatively, the most main is the importance of these advantages and shortcomings
Strengths: raw materials is good, feel good, low maintenance compared to all mobile phone
Defect: Handheld feeling owe good, open mobile phone is very convenient. Raw material uneven, some good and some bad.
Silica gel 3, usually must pay attention to these advantages and disadvantages
Strengths: durable, restoring prototype color, anti fall strong
Defect: thick, raw material is not qualified, not easy handling
The most important material is frosted class information, advantages and disadvantages are as follows
Advantages: cheap, feel good, suitable raw materials of excellent male.
Defect: cottage grim, weak analogy, simple sticky sweat
4, tablet PC protection set of purchase method
We should understand that the quality of the protective sleeve and the defective material to use is not the same. The quality of the front cover is used in polyurethane material, can feel with the hand, there is a good feeling, its elasticity is relatively good, not easily deformed. We can be picked by hand fold, to see how its elasticity, if there is no deformation for high quality; and then the shell using PU material, anti fall, compression is strong, even the car will not be damaged. The cottage used materials will generally contain toxic chemicals, it almost no flexibility, easy deformation, have a high odor, on the human body harmful, or even lead to diseases.
5, work
IPad protective sleeve and inferior quality in workmanship has the obvious difference. The quality of workmanship, there will be no burr, and feel is smooth, not to hurt our love. Its absorption of heat, sweat can keep the display scattered clean. Shanzhai products rough workmanship, in the corner there will be defects, may scratch our fingers.