Flat computer what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Published Date:2014-11-11
1 advantages of flat computer:
The tablet computer in appearance, and has the characteristics of out of the ordinary. Some like a separate LCD screen, just more than general screen to some thick, hard drives and other necessary hardware configuration in the above. One of the advantages of portable tablet computer, it is like a notebook computer as small volume and light, can transfer its use places, with mobile flexibility than desktop.
The biggest advantage is the flat computer, digital ink and handwriting recognition input function, and a powerful pen input recognition, speech recognition, gesture recognition ability, and has the mobility. Table PC Windows XP operating system specific, not only has the common Windows function of XP, the application of common XP compatible can run on a tablet computer, an increase of handwriting input, extend the functionality of XP.
Expansion of the use of PC way, using special "pen" in computer operation, make it simple like use pen and paper in the same. They also support the keyboard and mouse, like ordinary computer as operation. Digital notes, collar number tablet computers like PDA, handheld computers, do ordinary notebook, notes, to create their own text, diagrams and pictures. At the same time integrated electronic "ink" use ink in the core Office XP applications in Office documents retained their own handwriting.
Advanced deployment strategy and characteristics, which greatly simplifies the enterprise under the environment of Tablet PC deployment and management. The globalization of business solutions that support multi national language. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition has English, Devin, French, Japanese and Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Korean localized version, will soon have more localized version.
The protection of the highest level of critical data, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition provides all the security properties of Windows XP Professional, including encryption file system, access control. Tablet PC also provides a dedicated CTRL+ALT+DEL button, convenient user login security.
2 Tablet PC defects:
1, because the screen rotating device need space, tablet "volume to performance ratio" and "performance weight ratio" rather than with the specifications of the traditional notebook computer.
2, decoding, programming language is not beneficial to handwriting recognition.
3, typing (students homework, write email) -- handwritten input with up to 30 to 60 words per minute typing speed is so slow.
4, in addition, a no keyboard tablet (flat plate) can replace the traditional notebook computer, and can let the user feel more difficult (novice and expert) using computer technology. (flat plate is second computers. People often used to make records or teaching tools)