Daily maintenance of flat-panel computer need to know

Published Date:2014-11-11
Flat computer as an increasingly important household appliances, after the price was scarce until now has been a wide range of popularity, hundreds of yuan can buy a good tablet computer. As a kind of precision relatively high electrical appliances, if not pay attention to routine maintenance if the tablet computer service life will be greatly reduced, following on from the small make up ice fruit daily maintenance method of a display and a battery of two parts to recommend a tablet computer for everyone..
The first: liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display is the most important part of a tablet computer, almost all of the operations are concentrated in this piece of the region, whether it is to watch movies, play games or chat will happen in this here, so the maintenance of this block is the first. Although the flat-panel computer now most have adopted the toughened glass mirror, but not recklessly mishandled, in use process not excessive force presses against the screen, to avoid damage leads to internal parts of central asia. Don't put any sharp objects, avoid to scratch the screen, resulting in reduced touch sensitivity, watch the interface division. When not in use for liquid crystal display to display off power, wiping cloth to clean the screen with professional, to avoid the dust ingress.
Second: Battery
To turn off the power when not in use tablet computers, said external equipment removed to extend battery life, but also to avoid the too high or too low temperature using the computer, generally 10 to 25 degrees is the most suitable working environment, too high or too low will lead to shortened battery life, every three months to wake up a battery power correction operation, ensure the stable and health status of the battery.