Flat computer maintenance and maintenance guide

Published Date:2014-11-11
Maintenance of flat computer is the topic of computer users care about every plate, here we passed on flat computer components maintenance skills introduction, direct you to correct and reasonable use tablet computer, prolong life ~ ~ ~ your tablet computer
1, the liquid crystal display screen (LCD
We do not use sharp objects (hard) to avoid scratching the surface of the touch screen.
*Please do not make an effort to cover the liquid crystal display screen screen cover or any foreign body is placed between the keyboard and the display screen, avoid the cover glass because of the heavy pressure caused damage to internal components.
*Do not use the computer long time, through the function keys temporarily LCD screen power off, in addition to also save the power to extend the outer screen life.
*Do not use chemical detergent to wipe the screen.
The liquid crystal display as electrostatic and dust absorption of screen surface, suggest to buy LCD screen special wiping cloth to clean your screen, please do not use fingers to shoot removal so as not to leave any fingerprints, and please wipe gently.
2, the heat dissipation (Thermal
*The flat computer placed in the soft goods, such as: bed, sofa, may block the heat radiation holes and the impact of heat effect and reduce the operational effectiveness, or even crash.
3, the battery (Battery)
*The room temperature (10-25 degrees) for the working temperature with optimum batteries, high or low temperature operating environment will reduce the battery usage time.
*When the power supply without external circumstances, if the working conditions then don't to external devices, advice to the external equipment removed to prolong the life time of the battery.
*Suggest an average of three months for a battery power correction action.
*The use of tablet PCs in can provide stable power supply environment, then God painting tablet computer, when the battery fully charged, the battery charging circuit will be automatically closed, the phenomenon of overcharging does not occur.
The power adapter (AC
Adapter) to use as a reference voltage that international.
4, the fuselage
*The accumulation of dust, use a small brush to clean the gaps, or high pressure jet tank used generally in the clean camera lens, blowing the dust, or handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust in gaps.
We try to use them in a stable condition, to avoid shaking to place in computer operation.
The clean surface can be coated with a soft cloth with a little cleaner, in the case of gently wipe off the surface of the machine (screen except).
5, other components maintenance (Others)
Please follow the steps and maintenance of your tablet and related peripheral equipment cleaning and maintenance before:
The step:
Power off and remove external power supply line, demolition inscribed batteries and all external devices connected line.
- step two: dust vacuum cleaner with a small head, the keyboard will be connected to other parts of the suction slot.
- step three:
A slightly damp with a dry cloth to gently wipe the chassis surface, please live in Italy must not be any cleaner drips into the interior of the machine, to avoid short circuit burned.
- step four: waiting for the tablet computer to turn the power completely dry