How to prolong the service life of the trick plate computer screen

Published Date:2014-11-11
A liquid crystal screen, the normal use of the time, is about 5 years, with the passage of time, the screen will more and more yellow, this is the screen lamp aging phenomenon. How will the aging time as far as possible back? The following tips can allow you to extend the service life of the screen.
1, usually to reduce the screen in sunlight exposure may. Daytime use, try to avoid direct sunlight, to prevent the screen by the sunshine, the temperature is too high, accelerated aging.
2, daily cleaning work. Because the main operating mode Android Tablet is a touch screen, this screen will inevitably leave a variety of stains, so we have to do a good job of Android Tablet screen cleaning work, can use a clean, soft texture of paper to wipe, general dust can be directly removed, but for the more stubborn. Can dip some computer cleaning detergent to wipe the set.
3, the lower brightness, which can effectively extend the service life.
4, do not use sharp objects on the screen, so that the dead easy, usually must pay attention to in the process of using oh!